Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The End of The No Chip Manicure

Many women ask me, 'Do you think that the no chip manicure will ever go out of style?' In honesty, there will always be a better product that hit the beauty industry. I believe we will always have the No Chip Manicures but a much safer, and less abrasive upon removal.

The Hybrid No Chip Manicure, I am quite sure is in the making. Who knows!!! It probably has already landed in other countries. You probably will be able to apply one coat of gel like polish, no LED Lamp,  and it will last for up to two weeks plus. The removal process might be as easy as removing it home with alcohol~~~or an environmentally free product.

Is it the End of the no chip manicure? I think not. I believe there are so many brands, so much competition, companies are rushing to the lab to be the NEXT big No Chip Manicure Company. Someone is working on a brand that uses no LED Lamp, no Acetone for removal, and it last for up to two weeks (or more). I've seen some gel manicures being removed with stem.

Perhaps the new hybrid of No Chip Manicures is already here!! Have you checked your nail store lately.

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