Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How To Apply a No Chip Manicure

If you've reached this page you may be searching for how to apply the no chip manicure at home. Professional Nail Techs are welcome.  I will be posting my video on How to apply No Chip Manicure video in June 2015.

I am not here to promote any one (1) product. A No Chip Manicure is a gel application that consumers wear for two weeks or more. There are many brands on the market today. Consumers will walk in a salon and probably ask, 'How much is a No Chip Manicure?' or "Do you do the No Chip Manicure?'

Salons started calling all brands the No Chip Manicure, and consumers followed. The No Chip Manicure, 90%of the time is applied directly to the nail bed. They usually wrap fingers in aluminum foil & 100% acetone to remove product. So if you use one of the following brands (there are so many more, I can't remember them all) you are doing what's call a No Chip Manicure.

  • Gelish
  • DND
  • Entity
  • OPI Gel
  • CND Shellac
  • BioSculpture Gel
These above mentioned brands require a UV/LED Lamp.

Consumers started getting worried about the UV lamps (so many salons are using LED lamps), and the removal process.  If a No Chip Manicure is removed incorrectly can weaken if not damage your nail bed. WHATEVER  YOU DO NOT PEEL YOUR NO CHIP MANICURE OFF OF YOUR NAIL BED. YIKES!!

Currently, there are brands that does not require the UV or LED Lamp, and can sometimes last just as long as the mentioned brands.They are easily removed at home with acetone.Currently we have Vinyl Lux, and OPI Lacquer that some clients love.

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