Friday, January 31, 2014

Vinyl Lux by CND

Neuroon, world's first smart sleep mask! Ok ladies, I have been trying out the Vinyl Lux and I absolutely love it. I love that it is so easy to apply and requires no base coat. I also love that it can be removed with nail polish remover. The Vinyl Lux Comes in about 40 colors at my nearest nail supply store.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What's The Difference in the No Chip Manicure And other brands such as Shellac or Gelish.

I was asked this questions several times this week and I hope I get it right. First, I would like  to believe there is a difference between every NCM brand. Some brands are thicker, some are thinner requiring more coats to get a true color. I literally had to pour Gelish out of the jar to get glitter on the nails. However, I have no problem with Biosculpture glitter.

Again, the removal with Shellac is much quicker; no filing the top layer off. But, I would never put the Shellac on my teacher's and nurse's Nails because it just do not last as long as the other No Chip System. Also, the smell on some of the brands are fairly strong and has even caused my nose to run, some NCM smelling exactly like acrylic. I do not get this smell from BioSculpture (but there is a smell just not acrylic ally).

I love Gelish cause it is much quicker, but I find it to be a bit thinner than some of the brands. Gelish uses a LED lamp oppose to a UV lamp.

Yes, yes I love Bio Sculpture because it is just a quality gel. But other brands are slowly catching up. I came across the CND Vinyl Lux which can last for several weeks and clients can remove it home with finger nail polish. No UV or LED lamp needed at all for the CND Vinyl Lux.