Thursday, August 30, 2012

No Chip Pedicure

Many Clients are now asking about the No Chip Pedicure (NCP) and is it worth it to have one done? Well the main reason why ladies like the NCP because it is remains shiny once it is applied to the toe nails. The no chip pedicure appears FRESHLY DONE EVERYDAY. Newly Weds love it on their honeymoon and it is awesome for vacation. The NCP can last for one to two months and is great for those who have trouble growing their toe nails. Joggers love the NCP because it protects the toes from continuous damage to the toe nail itself when jogging. Sun screen should be used if you use the UV lamp for a NCP. The removal process for a NCP is the same as a NCM. You can also get a regular pedicure with your NCP. The Best Part: You can put your shoes/socks/boots on right after you finish because their is no drying time. AWESOME!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Soak off Gel vs. No Chip Manicures

A Soak Off Gel is the same as a No Chip Manicure just a different way using the term "No Chip Manicure." No Chip Manicures is a soak off gel. They both include: A gel (clear, color) application; the removal process includes aluminum foil, cotton, and acetone.  There is no need to use a drill to remove a No Chip Manicure. Ladies please, please do not peel your No Chip Manicure from your nail bed; you can weaken and/or damage your nail bed.