Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


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Chloe's Nails

How To Remove The No Chip Manicure

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Removing the No Chip Manicure takes time and patience. We suggest you return to a professional nail tech for removal. However, removing your no chip manicure at home requires a visit to your nearest convenient store.
Supplies: You will need the following: cotton, aluminum foil, 100% aceotne (clear in color), oil, orangewood stick, and grit file.
***Please protect your furniture, especially hardwood surfuces from the acetone.
Please Pour the acetone into a GLASS bowl.
1st: It is VERY important to know which NCM product you are wearing for you may or maynot need the top layer lightly filed (to break the seal). Please refer to your nail tech for proper removal.
2nd: Take a peice of small cotton and dip it into the acetone
3rd place the small peice of soaked cotton and place it ontop of your NCM nails.
4th Wrap your fingers (w/the soaked cotton ontop) in the aluminum foil.
5th To speed up the process you can add a heated pad/mittens.
6th Be patient for at least 10-15 minutes (you may need help wrapping your fingers or wrap one hand at a time).
7th remove aluminum foil and check for lifting. Use the orangewood stick for removal. Rewrap if the gel is not easily removed or lifting. Apply the oil for stubborn spots. Rewrap if there is no lifting.
The key here is patience, 100% acetone, and more patience. Please return to the professionals if all else fails.
 by Vernadine Kornegay

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Polish & Stickers

This is really pretty. Polish your nails and then add the sticker of your choice.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Difference Between Acrylic and Gel

Acrylic is in a powder form and is dipped in a liquid to form a ball/extension onto the nail. A fake nail extension and/or nail form is usually needed. Acrylic is now avilable in Color Acrylic Powder. Sometimes nail techs may use a Gel in the last step and cure your hand under a UV/Led light. Also they are most likely to use a drill with Acrylic to make the fake nail adhere. You usually soak your hands in a bowl of acetone for removal.
Gel is a liquid form and powder is no where to be found. If they are using powder it is Acrylic. UV/LED Light is used throughout the entire Gel application. Again, no powder is used during a gel process. No Chip Manicure Gel Nails does not require a drill to remove and is removed using the finger foil wrap technique. Acrylic powder is much cheaper than Gel to purchase. That's why Gel Nails Cost More than a Set of Acrylic(s). Some salons pass off Acrylic as Gel by using the Gel in the last step. Consumers Beware.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

No Chip Pedicure

Many Clients are now asking about the No Chip Pedicure (NCP) and is it worth it to have one done? Well the main reason why ladies like the NCP because it is remains shiny once it is applied to the toe nails. The no chip pedicure appears FRESHLY DONE EVERYDAY. Newly Weds love it on their honeymoon and it is awesome for vacation. The NCP can last for one to two months and is great for those who have trouble growing their toe nails. Joggers love the NCP because it protects the toes from continuous damage to the toe nail itself when jogging. Sun screen should be used if you use the UV lamp for a NCP. The removal process for a NCP is the same as a NCM. You can also get a regular pedicure with your NCP. The Best Part: You can put your shoes/socks/boots on right after you finish because their is no drying time. AWESOME!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Soak off Gel vs. No Chip Manicures

A Soak Off Gel is the same as a No Chip Manicure just a different way using the term "No Chip Manicure." No Chip Manicures is a soak off gel. They both include: A gel (clear, color) application; the removal process includes aluminum foil, cotton, and acetone.  There is no need to use a drill to remove a No Chip Manicure. Ladies please, please do not peel your No Chip Manicure from your nail bed; you can weaken and/or damage your nail bed.