Sunday, July 29, 2018

Senior Healthy Hands & Toes

Introducing Healthy Hands & Toes

We will be reaching out to our senior community providing Healthy Hands & Toes in the Chicago Land Area.

We are willing to travel to any Senior Community and Provide the following:
Manicures: $22
Pedicures: $35
No Chip (Gel) Manicure: $30

Days: Mon-Friday
Hours: 9am-6pm

Contact: Leave a Message at: 312 888 1792

Needed: Resident must provide a space w/sink nearby

If you are interested please email us at:

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Dipping Powder

So as I entered the dipping powder craze and learned that it really has a bad order, and that I cannot stand the smell I also broke out in hives, and my eyes felt like they were burning out. I have decided not to invest in the dipping powder. I will stick to the gel.

I have tried the OPI Perfect Dipping Powder, and Cuccio Dipping Powder. It is Acrylic Resin and I cannot use the product. Others may have no problems with using the product. Clearly It is just too strong for me. I highly suggest wearing a mask and goggles to avoid products in your eyes. I understand that there are many more dipping powders but these really hurt my eyes and my technicians eyes. Please use your best judgement. Email us at

Saturday, June 17, 2017

No Chip Manicure Beauty Event June 15th, 2017

I would like to Thank all the ladies that attended our No Chip Manicure Beauty Event on June 15th, in Chicago. We are preparing for our next event and is expecting over 50 women to attend. If you are interested in being a sponsor at our event please email us at

Thanks: Elle Salon located at 912 West Madison in Chicago for having Us.
We also would like to thank Savon Spa located at 3635 North Halsted.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

No Chip Manicure Event 
Food, Fun, Gift Bags & Service

Where: Chicago West loop (Near Halsted & Morgan St.)
When: June 15, 2017
Time: 4pm-5pm Gift Raffles
5pm-8pm No Chip Manicure Event
Admission: $20 (Cash Only at the Door)
Deadline to sign up: May 30th, 2017 

Please support

Come Join us at the No Chip Manicure Event located in Chicago in the West loop.

Purchase your tickets at:

All guest must arrive with bare nails

You can receive a no chip manicure or a mani/pedi

You will receive a beauty bag filled with beauty goodies.

Food & Drinks will be served.

The actual event will start from 5pm and end at 8pm. 
However, you are more than welcome to join us at 4pm-5pm; as we will be giving away prizes during our opening time. The last service ends a 7pm.

Pictures will be taken and will be used on all of our social media sites.

We ask that all guest arrive in blue jeans and be fitted for our Tshirts. You must change into our Tshirts.

We are charging $20/per guest Purchase Your Tickets Here:

There is absolutely no REFUNDS!! So if you can't make it give your ticket to someone who can...

If you are interested in receiving any other services at nail spa, you are solely responsible for paying for your additional services.

Please come enjoy the food, fun & bring a friend.

Please be advised that our beauty bags will be handed out at 7pm.

If you are interested in attending please like our event/page on Facebook.

Email us at for further details.

Spread the Word!!


How do i sign up to attend this event?
Purchase your tickets here:

Email us at and we will send you further details. Please include the information posted, in your email right above this question.

How do I Pay?

Can I still attend if I forgot my tickets at home?
Sorry no one will be allowed in without their tickets.

When is the last day to sign up?
May 30th, on

What About Parking?
It is metered Parking on the streets.

Can men attend?

Can I get my money back if I can't make it?
Sorry no refunds. Please don't let your ticket go to waste and pass it along to a friend/family.

I have on acrylic/gel can I pay to have them removed?
Yes, of course. Remember you will pay to have them removed.

Can you paint over my No Chip/Acrylic?
That's okay with us if its okay with you..

I have to work until 5pm. Can I arrive after 6pm?
Sure you can just please bring your ticket.

I came last year, can I come this year? And can I get in for free?
Thank you so much for joining us at our last event, and you can definitely join us this year. Everyone has to purchase a ticket at:
$20 admission fee.

I purchased the ticket how do I receive the address/location:
Please email us at:

Why want you tell us the location?
We learned that in the pass people were calling the salon and asking questions about the event. This disrupted their daily operation. To protect the privacy of the salon we do not disclose the location until one day before the event. We have already secured the location. We only give the proximity of the location. Our location this year is in the West Loop near Halsted and Morgan Street.

How do you notify us of the location?
Through text message the day before the event.

Do we tip?
Gratuities are all taken care of.

Is the location wheelchair accessible?
Yes it is.

What service can I receive?
You can either receive a no chip manicure or manicure/pedicure. Any additional services (waxing, designs, facials) you have to pay for out of your pocket. All services are already prepaid.

What is the Facebook page address to the event?

Do you have an Instagram account?
Yes under nochipmanicure

I honestly do not want to take pictures, or wear your Tshirt. Can I still attend?
Dont be a Party Pooper. Please stay at home.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Colorful Nails

I love the no chip manicure and how it has advanced. Many clients are now choosing the Infinite Shine and CND Vinyl Lux because it is safe to remove at home. All you need is nail polish remover. Also, no use of the LED Lamp and soaking in acetone for the removal.

I stopped in the nail store and noticed that now OPI is matching their Infinite Shine color with their regular OPI polish. There are many more one week manicure polishes that are on the market that are just as good. Please share your one week manicure brand.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The End of The No Chip Manicure

Many women ask me, 'Do you think that the no chip manicure will ever go out of style?' In honesty, there will always be a better product that hit the beauty industry. I believe we will always have the No Chip Manicures but a much safer, and less abrasive upon removal.

The Hybrid No Chip Manicure, I am quite sure is in the making. Who knows!!! It probably has already landed in other countries. You probably will be able to apply one coat of gel like polish, no LED Lamp,  and it will last for up to two weeks plus. The removal process might be as easy as removing it home with alcohol~~~or an environmentally free product.

Is it the End of the no chip manicure? I think not. I believe there are so many brands, so much competition, companies are rushing to the lab to be the NEXT big No Chip Manicure Company. Someone is working on a brand that uses no LED Lamp, no Acetone for removal, and it last for up to two weeks (or more). I've seen some gel manicures being removed with stem.

Perhaps the new hybrid of No Chip Manicures is already here!! Have you checked your nail store lately.

Thanks for reading.